My Asthma Bag

The Bello Alito Asthma Management System, is the must-have asthma system for parents wanting care coordination between home, school and the family doctor.

By working with your doctor, the system supports self management for improved compliance with medications to reduce asthmatic events.  The log book helps you show the doctor what is happening at home.

Involve your child by letting them decide on a colour so when it arrives they can call it, "My Asthma Bag".  The bags are available in bright green, bright pink, red or blue.  The inside fabric is a little bit fun, with spots in the red and green, stripes in the blue and flowers in the pink.  

How it works:


Organised and ready.

Place inside MyAsthmaBag™:

  • A4 asthma management plan written by your doctor
  • Asthma spacer
  • Asthma medications (keep a primary and secondary inhaler, to avoid an empty inhaler when urgently needed)
  • Provided BelloAlito asthma log book
  • Any additional first aid requirements

Encourage communication between carers.

If using for a child at childcare or school, ensure:

  • Customise with your childs name and photo.
  • MyAsthmaBag™ is in a safe yet easy to find location.
  • Take some time before leaving your child in anothers care to tell them of your childs current state of health, where the bag is located, and how the bag can help.

Confidently share information. Work together.

  • Regularly discuss any events with carers, and update the log book.
  • Regularly review and discuss the log book with your doctor.
  • Replace the Asthma Plan in MyAsthmaBag™ if updated.
  • Continue to communicate with carers at home and school and your doctor. Work together.

Bright and innovative, My Asthma Bag™.



Dimensions of the bag are: 10cm width, 25cm height, 27cm long



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